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History of the Christchurch Spiritualist Church​

Christchurch Church started off in rooms above a public bar in the late 1930s then moving on to rooms in the local conservative club,  Then, just a bit later in the early 1940s to rooms in Millhams Street.

It was in 1943 when Christchurch Spiritualist group became affiliated to the Spiritualists National Union (SNU).

In 1961 an old church hall made of corrugated/wood went up for auction and with the help of the then Building Fund Pool (now the SNU Trust), they managed to purchase the site. When bidding for the hall they were unable to say what the hall would be used for as, being a Priory town, Spiritualism was and in some ways still is frowned upon.

In 1981 the committee sought planning permission to replace the old building in the hopes that a new church could be built. Five years later permission was granted and our new church was completed in 1987 and was dedicated by Gordon Higginson.